A Short Story

about the guy behind the computer. 

Mondays don’t bother me. I love them. I love a good weekend too … but when Monday comes around, I get to go back to work. I know that sounds odd but I love what I do! I’ve done a number of other things over the years. I’ve worked for a yearbook company and even created mobile apps for tourism destinations. But ultimately, I love creating websites.

I’ve created websites for people across the country from the state of Washington to New York as well as here in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana. I grew up in western Wyoming but Montana is home. There’s great people here and the scenery and outdoor opportunities are unparalleled.

I’ve been creating websites since I first learned HTML in the 90s and have continued to create websites using Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse, WIX and now with WordPress.

I love to create. I love to help small businesses. I really love doing what I do … even on a Monday morning.

What's My Story?

  • Adobe Certified Expert
  • Graduate of Washburn University
  • Proud to call Corvallis, MT home
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Touch Points

Every interaction between a customer & a business is a “touch point” … whether it’s a phone call, an email or text, a meeting in person or video call … and I excell at them.

It’s why I named my business Touch Point Designs . I work to make you comfortable and to have an awesome working relationship
– both during the project and thereafter. 

Cody L. Edwards

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“In the past I chose to create my own web page. I spent endless hours learning and “tweaking” it until I thought I had an impressive and effective web page … NOT! After 5 years of nearly zero returns for my efforts I decided to hire a pro. Cody is knowledgeable, capable, and caring enough to listen to our desires and create a masterpiece.”

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