Web Design

Because you don’t have time to be a web designer.

I Am Not

I don’t know my way around a car. If I wanted to fix a problem that my Mazda was having, I’d have to spend time on YouTube learning the ins and outs of basic automotive repair. Plus spend the money to buy the tools. In the end, it’s best if I just take it to a mechanic who can fix my car, saving me both time & money in the long run. 

You can spend hours learning how to use Wix, Squarespace, Weebly or how to code in WordPress. You could also save time & money by having a professional web designer build & design your website. Just like me taking me car to a mechanic.

You do what you do best. I’ll do the same.

"Getting a quality website is not an expense
but rather an investment."

- Dr. Christopher Dayagdag

Challenges You Face

What you're up against as a small business owner

  • As a small business owner, you’re busy. Very busy.
  • You wear many hats – like accounting, sales, and even the occasional soccer mom.
  • Finding time to create & maintain a new website can be tough.
  • I’m a small business owner myself. I understand what it means to work with a limited budget.
  • You want your marketing dollars to stretch as far as they can.
  • You need a good return on your business investments.

It's simple. Hire a professional
and save both time & money.

You don’t have time to learn how to use Wix. You have more important things to do than watching countless hours of video just to learn how to place some text and insert a picture. Your time is best spent doing what you enjoy doing & what you do best. That’s why your business is awesome! Instead, let a professional create your dream website. I have years of experience. I work with websites every day and know the right combinations of plugins & graphics to create your ideal business website. Will it cost more than if you did it yourself? Depends! How much is your time worth? If you spend hours & hours learning and at times creating your site, how much time did you spend that could have been used elsewhere? Save time & save money by having a professional design your website.

Website Showcase

bitterroot bouncers

Showcase No. 01

Their new site not only showcases their indoor bouncy house with 360° imagery, but they have videos of their outdoor rentals – all with a customized booking process.

“Cody is first and foremost so personable and easy to work with. From the first time we spoke, he was Johnny on the spot with awesome ideas and implementing then quickly. He is very creative, talented, and has gone above and beyond for me and my business.” – Heather A.

ez digger

Showcase No. 02

A single landing page that helps show the viewer what an EZ Digger is & why they need it for their garden. By the time the viewer reaches the end, they’re ready to make their purchase. 

“In the past I chose to create my own web page. I spent endless hours learning and “tweeking” it until I thought I had an impressive and effective web page … NOT! After 5 years of nearly zero returns for my efforts I decided to hire a pro. Cody is knowledgeable, capable, and caring enough to listen to our desires and create a masterpiece.”
– Mac M.

Bitter Root humane assoc.

Showcase No. 03

A complete make-over of their existing site. This new redesign features an interactive adoption gallery to show all animals at once or narrow the gallery down to just dogs, cats or other animals. 

“All we can say at Bitter Root Humane Association is WOW where Cody & Touch Point Designs LLC is concerned. With his expertise & creative talents we were able to design two totally brand new websites in a very short period of time. Not only is Cody talented & professional he is also patient and really knows how to get your “vision” from your just a thought to reality. And..once done, he also offers services to help you continue to have a active, viable sight!” – Mary G.


48 percent of people cited that a website’s design is the No. 1 factor in determining the credibility of a business.


62 percent of companies increased their sales by designing responsive mobile platforms for their websites.


First impressions are 94% design-related.


Common Questions

... and their corresponding answers.

The typical answer “Depends” applies here as well. I have no set pricing structure because each website it truly unique and different from one to another. Variables such as e-Commerce can make a difference as well. That’s why I love to sit down with you and talk about your business needs and what you’re looking for in a website. That helps me to determine an accurate quote. Generally speaking, most websites cost between $950-1,800 for a professional, quality website.

I will build your website using WordPress and a plugin called Elementor.

Absolutely. With more and more sites being viewed from a mobile device, I make sure that your website is built with a “responsive design” so that it looks great no matter where it’s being viewed from.

A lot of this depends on your timetable, how much you want to be involved, as well as my current workload. Some websites can take as little time as a few days to a few months. In our initial consultation, we’ll discuss your sense of urgency and establish a timetable to work with.

Yes … kind of. Some clients prefer to have me make their basic edits after the fact which is why I have a maintenance program available. They just sent me a list of what they want changed. No time or learning curve involved. That being said, some clients prefer to make their own changes. The Elementor plugin I use to create the website is user friendly. I can provide training for you at my hourly rate to show you how to make basic corrections and updates. My paid professional license for using Elementor Pro will stay with the website, even after the website is complete.

You can choose to maintain the plugins, backups, & security of your site if you choose to do so. I offer a basic maintenance plans that includes plugin & WordPress updates, daily backups, etc. for $25/month. I have another plan that includes the basic maintenance mentioned PLUS 1 hour of minor updates of the site including text & graphic changes for $75/month. Contact me for more details.

Your site will be designed & built in a way to take advantage of many SEO practices, including scaled images for example. I will also install free SEO plugins into WordPress for you to use. For a more comprehensive SEO strategy and program, I would recommend hiring a professional SEO developer. Recommendations available upon request.

I am a strong believer in the power of video. I believe that every company should have at least one video – their story – on their homepage. If you’d like to have a video made for your business, please visit my video services site. I also provide graphic design, photography (including aerial) and Google My Business optimization.

Sure! My Google My Business page has more reviews – as does my Facebook page.

Yes and No. While I don’t create new sites using these platforms, I am a certified “Wix Expert” and can work with your Wix website to help optimize it, make edits and suggestions to help improve the layout and overall design if desired. I do not work with Weebly or Squarespace websites.

The End Result?

What do you get when it's all said and done?

A professional website to showcase your business

Most customers will have their first impression of you & your business after viewing your website. Leave them feeling great & excited to do business with you with a professionally designed website.
Not just any website … your website.

Cody Edwards

I’ve been designing websites for some time using basic HTML, Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse and a host of other website builders. 

I graduated with a BS degree in Technology Administration, which was my way of becoming a certified “geek” if you will. I’m also an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop. All said, I know my way around a computer and love putting it all to good use in creating amazing websites for small businesses.


“In the past I chose to create my own web page. I spent endless hours learning and “tweaking” it until I thought I had an impressive and effective web page … NOT! After 5 years of nearly zero returns for my efforts I decided to hire a pro. Cody is knowledgeable, capable, and caring enough to listen to our desires and create a masterpiece.”

Mac M, EZ Digger
Rae Grout
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Melissa Saville
Cody was so professional and yet a kid at heart when it was time for our annual event. He did above and beyond amazing showcasing... Read More »
Laurence Markarian
Efficient, proficient, and professional sums it up! Cody is very pleasant, courteous, listens to your needs, and gets the job done. He is the guy... Read More »
Heather Appel
Where do I even begin?! Cody is first and foremost so personable and easy to work with. From the first time we spoke, he was... Read More »
Tammy Bulla
Did a fabulous job for us at The UPS Store, Hamilton, MT - would be happy to recommend him for any publishing. Very easy and... Read More »

Every great website starts with a conversation -

Let’s sit down and talk about your business and what you’re looking for in your website. No obligation and always at a time that works best for you. Call me at 406-369-5884 or fill out the form. I look forward to learning more about your business.