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I”m not mechanic. I do not know my way around a car. If I wanted to fix a problem that my Mazda was having, I’d have to spend time on YouTube learning the ins and outs of basic automotive repair. Plus I’d have to spend the money to buy the tools. In the end, it’s best if I just take it to a mechanic who can fix my car, saving me time & money in the end. 

You need a website. You can spend hours learning how to use Wix or how to code in WordPress. But just like me and the mechanic, you could also save time & money by having a professional web designer build & design your website.

 You do what you do best. We’ll do the same.

Bitterroot Bouncers

Showcase No. 01

Their new site not only showcases their indoor bouncy house with 3660 imagery, but they have videos of their outdoor rentals – all with a customized booking process.

“Cody is first and foremost so personable and easy to work with. From the first time we spoke, he was Johnny on the spot with awesome ideas and implementing then quickly. He is very creative, talented, and has gone above and beyond for me and my business.” – Heather A.

ez digger

Showcase No. 02

A single landing page that helps show the viewer what an EZ Digger is and why they need it for their garden. By the time the viewer reaches the bottom of the page, they’re ready to make their purchase. 

“In the past I chose to create my own web page. I spent endless hours learning and “tweeking” it until I thought I had an impressive and effective web page … NOT! After 5 years of nearly zero returns for my efforts I decided to hire a pro.
Cody is knowledgeable, capable, and caring enough to listen to our desires and create a masterpiece. End result is a simple, to the point and effective web page. I feel our new web presence will create new business and sales for our company”
– Mac M.

bitter root humane association

Showcase No. 03

A complete make-over of their existing site. This new redesign features an interactive adoption gallery to show all animals at once or narrow the gallery down to just dogs, cats or other animals. 

wix and wordpress

If you have a Wix site, we can help you make it look its best. Looking for a new site? We'll create something awesome using WordPress.

responsive design

Designed to look great on any device - from a laptop or desktop computer to a tablet or mobile phone.​

google analytics

We'll help you move your existing code or create a new one to track your the success and analytics of your website.

hosting options

if your site is hosted with GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc. we can work with you. If you need hosting services, we recommend A2Hosting.


We use WooCommerce to help promote and showcase your products and services. We can also work with Shopify as well.

maintenance options

We can keep your plugins & WordPress updated, keep your site backed up, and monthly minor updates for a minimal fee.

Cody Edwards

I’ve been designing websites for decades using basic HTML, Dreamweaver, Adobe Muse and a host of other website builders. Now I create websites with Wix and WordPress.

I graduated with a BS degree in Technology Administration, which was my way of being a certified “geek” if you will. I’m also an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop. All said, I know my way around a computer and love putting it all to good use in creating amazing websites for small businesses.

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